Armstrong Enderby Riding Club (AERC) is a Co-op member. Help support our Fund Raising efforts by using our number for your Co-op purchases. Co-op #21229


The Armstrong Enderby Riding Club awards a $500 scholarship to an eligible AERC high school graduate who plans on attending post-secondary.

Applications must be a member in *good standing during their graduation year and have been a member of AERC in the year previous to graduation.

They will be required to apply in writing to the AERC Scholarship Committee prior to May 15 of their graduating year with a cover letter stating their AERC club involvement and their post secondary plans. The application must also include a current detailed resume with references.

Applicants may be required to attend an interview with the committee, this year made up of the current board.

A transcript of their marks will be required at the time of the interview.

Proof of acceptance to an accredited post-secondary institute and a receipt showing tuition has been paid must be presented to the committee before funds will be released and the winning applicant will have two years to access their funds. A formal presentation will be made at our annual awards banquet.

  • *Must be a active member for at least 2 full years, including the year of graduation.
  • Actively participates in shows
  • Meets, or exceeds, minimum requirement for volunteer hours
  • Promotes the Club

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